All Saints’ Day Devotional – First Baptist Church ENews

As we light a candle in honor of each of these, we light it in recognition that the light of her or his life will never be extinguished.

Resurrection, for us and the planet: Just add water – Rev. Susan Sparks

As followers of a risen Christ, we too have that gift of a second chance, we too have the power to heal, to mend, to pour life back into a lifeless planet, to pour love back into a loveless world, and to quench our deep thirst for living water. Through Christ, we have the power of resurrection. All we have to do … is just add water.

Too Little Time by Matthew Hanisian

Take a moment and tell someone that is special to you that they ARE.

Fifty-Two Keys for Living, Loving and Working

The direction of all life is growth.

Fifty-Two Keys for Living, Loving and Working

Do not give over control of your life to someone else.

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