I thought on other issues then, the special gift in life of a loving wife, who though troubled by her own ailments, would rise each day to gather and solve my problems. The welcoming door of my home, though not perfect, was as warm and welcoming as any.

Skunk Hour – The Rev. Deborah Meister* – The Daily Cup

There s one Hope, and one Future. And when we get near it, the very thing we dread might surprise us by dancing.

A Chaplain’s Hope for Furman University* – Rev. Maria Swearingen

My hope for “what’s next” at Furman is that we will intentionally and joyfully choose to be a place that presses into this grand experiment with equal doses of fervor and care.

Fifty-two Keys for Living, Loving and Working

Establishing relationships demonstrates a basic faith that there is a tomorrow – a reason to live, love and hope.

Journey of Encouragement* – Thomas R. McKibbens

We are a people of hope, even in the most challenging times, because our ultimate hope is not dependent on that list of issues that normally comprises the content of the evening news.

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