A Great Host Surrounds Us – Celebrating 335 Years

For 335 years the congregation and its leadership have modeled the scripture, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” There is still a vision and the future is bright.

Baptist of the Year: Molly Marshall – Robert Parham – EthicsDaily

She leads with word, institutional investment and a global presence.

Dr. Dockery to Speak at Hamrick Lectureship

Dr. Dockery is currently the president of Trinity International University. Previously he served for 18 years as president of Union University (Baptist) in Jackson, Tennessee. He has also served as Chief Academic Officer at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he was Professor of Theology and New Testament.

Timothy George Issues a Call for Courage at the 19th. Hamrick Lectureship

Dr. George concluded his lectures with a challenge to those present to be courageous in living out their faith.

Timothy George at Hamrick Lectureship

Dr. Timothy George is returning as the featured speaker at the 19th Hamrick Lectureship.

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