A Cup of Cold Water* – Week One Devotional for Say Something Nice Sunday

Dear God, thank you for Christian friends who share your love with those around them. Help me to be grateful and to follow their examples. Amen


I Need Help – Kris Wood*

Let’s continue to look for opportunities to be a help like we often do. And, let’s ask for help, too. I

Created To Give – FBC: Regeneration Prayer Devotional Guide

Whatever gifts God invested in each of us are intended to be used for the betterment of all.

Rude Words – Tammy Abee Blom –

I imagine rude words will always surprise me, but I hope to remember the words are not reflections of me but reflections of the person who offered them.

Memorial Day 2011 – Thank You

These are some of the people who have contributed to my life, but are now part of that great heavenly host. I am grateful to and for all of them.

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