May God bless and keep you and grant you peace as we honor Him and each other in verse.

I AM A REBOUNDER (From grief to joy) by Rev. Paul Stouffer*

I am now a believer, rebounder, and I am rebounding by the goodness of God; all of us awaiting our reunion in Heaven above.

Discussion of Our Father; Discovering Family at Senior Center

I am not a theologian. I am a lay person trying to deal with life as it unfolds.

Thanksgiving Day, 2060 – David Gushee – Baptist News Global

And then, before you know it, you will look up and it will be 2060. It will be Thanksgiving Day and you will have gray hair. You will by God’s grace have children and grandchildren gathered around a table groaning with food and filled with laughter. You will look at each other and think: we did it. Our covenant held. And many generations will call you blessed.


I Remember Loving Days by Gene Plyler

Good thoughts of Valentines lifted everyone’s spirits. Everyone wanted to be loved and accepted.

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