When People Talk, It Can Make or Break Your Church – Bill Owen- ethicsdaily.com

If you think about it, not one of us would have ever come to faith apart from someone having said something to us. Words as simple as “Hey, why don’t you come to church with me?” Maybe it was “I’ll pray for you” or “God bless.”

The Invisible Woman – www.ethicsdaily.com

“Let us remember that it is God who has the last word, and in God we trust because God loves us, God sees us, God calls us by our name. We are God’s beloved – male and female alike. And nothing and no one can take that away. What more is there to say!”

We Are not Alone – Amy Butler

There’s significant power in having the courage to name the pain we carry.

What I Learned from a Rehearsal of the Children’s Choir at FBC

What I gained from being present for this rehearsal was a real sense of security about the future.

Why Your Church Defines Talent Too Narrowly

“God lays the foundation, but you have to do the building.”

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