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The Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father Prayer

Think about the first word, our. My book, Our Father: Discovering Family, is built around this little word. It will expand your thinking and your faith.

Post-Election Evangelical:A Statement from Mark Labberton and Richard Mauw

Because of its non-negotiable commitment to the evangel, God’s good news, Fuller Seminary will continue to identify itself as evangelical.

Bret Lott to Introduce Bonhoeffer Author

Eric Metaxas is the featured speaker for the Hamrick Lectures at First Baptist Church of Charleston on Sunday at 5 and Monday at 10a.m. The lectures are free. Parking is at 48 Meeting Street.

This Resolution Can Reduce Your Stress Next Year

Bitterness is a terrible taskmaster. It will suck all of your goodness into a dark hole.

Journey of Encouragement* – Thomas R. McKibbens

We are a people of hope, even in the most challenging times, because our ultimate hope is not dependent on that list of issues that normally comprises the content of the evening news.

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