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The Invisible Woman –

“Let us remember that it is God who has the last word, and in God we trust because God loves us, God sees us, God calls us by our name. We are God’s beloved – male and female alike. And nothing and no one can take that away. What more is there to say!”

Songwriterter sees good news in declining role of church music.

It may signal that people in the pews may want something more. That could be why sermons are at the top of the list, and contemporary Christian music, with its mantras and clichés, is at the bottom.

Pastor Greg Moore Reviews Christian Civility

“Every once in a while my reading includes a book that touches me. moves me, so that I want to share it with you. Such a book is Christian Civility in an Uncivil World.”

Q&A: A reminder to be civil as Christians

Consultant, author and speaker Mitch Carnell says dialogue between Christians of different denominations can often look more like the Tower of Babel than Pentecost. That’s why he edited a new book, Christian Civility in an Uncivil World (Smyth & Helwys Publishing), a collection of essays from Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, evangelical and United Methodist contributors that […]

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