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Morning Worship: God is holding you and all this beautiful, broken world  o

“We have a choice,” Gaines-Cirelli said. “We can try to carry all the injustices, hurts, doubts, confusions, fears and anxiety — that is, it is up to us, we know best — or we can let God help us. “

Dreams are fulfilled via the ladder from heaven to earth, Canales says

“When we come to God, faced with difficult circumstances, and have nothing but a dream, God will send angels down Jacob’s ladder to let you know you are never alone,” Canales concluded.


Amazing Grace: Settling a troubled soul – AILEEN LAWRIMORE*  

July 4, 2017 – When I stepped onto her hall, I could see her slippered feet just outside the door frame of her room. In her wheelchair, she rocked heel to toe, toe to heel, back and forth and back again. “Hey, there,” I said, crouching to her height and attempting to push her […]

An Apostolic Care Act – Bill Leonard* – Baptist News Global

Should legislators link healthcare cuts with tax breaks for the rich, some prophet might remind them that Original Sin is a preexisting condition.

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