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Repent and Reset* – The Rev. Dr. Shawnthea Monroe*, UCC – Plymouth Church UCC, Shaker Heights, OH

When our values are off, we need to be reset.. .reordered, reoriented. That is the essence of John the Baptist’s message: We need to reorder our lives, reset our priorities, and return to God…for the kingdom of heaven is here…and we don’t want to miss it

On Scripture: Prophetic Resistance – Rev. Dr. Eric D. Barreto*

God has something better for us. Something liberating. Something just. Something transformative.

3 Ways to Help Your Kids Live a Life of Gratitude – Christina Embree

Gratitude says there is hope, and if our children need to hear anything today, it’s that there is hope – unending, never-failing hope.

Post-Election Evangelical:A Statement from Mark Labberton and Richard Mauw

Because of its non-negotiable commitment to the evangel, God’s good news, Fuller Seminary will continue to identify itself as evangelical.

A Holy Disruption: No Lamb Chops Tonight: Rev. Julia Rusling*

Isaiah 65:17-25 – 26th Sunday after Pentecost – Year C – November 13, 2016 The journey had been long. Forcibly removed from their homeland of Jerusalem, driven to live in exile in Babylon for nearly seventy years, the people of Judah are now, at long last, beginning their return home. They have such hope. Surely all […]

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