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Skunk Hour – The Rev. Deborah Meister* – The Daily Cup

There s one Hope, and one Future. And when we get near it, the very thing we dread might surprise us by dancing.

Wanting to Live in a Pelagian Universe, if at all possible now!

Bring back a basic belief in the human nature of all of us. We have all that we need to be all that God has intended us to be—with us, in us, around us, through us, behind us—all around us.

As a Man Thinks in His Heart, So Is He = Pastor Brian Skar – Immanuel Baptist Church

If we can replace the malice in our words with kindness, it will not be long before our hateful actions will turn to acts of love.

The Autumn of Our Discontent – Rev. Matt Sapp* – Heritage Fellowship Baptist Church

Now is the autumn of our discontent. On this second day of fall, Colin Kaepernick and countless other athletes are kneeling during the national anthem. More African-Americans have inexplicably been killed by police bullets. Bombs are going off in New York City. And protests are disrupting life in Charlotte and have at times turned violent. […]

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