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I AM A REBOUNDER (From grief to joy) by Rev. Paul Stouffer*

I am now a believer, rebounder, and I am rebounding by the goodness of God; all of us awaiting our reunion in Heaven above.

Why the Music Matters – Robert F. Darden – Baylor University

One final thought: “We Shall Overcome” is the lone freedom song that is always sung with the singers joining hands, arms crossed. You can’t cause much damage with your arms crossed and your hands linked. All you can do is sing and, in your singing, testify to the life-changing power and grace of the risen Christ who disavowed violence. And whose only weapon was love.

Civility: Os, David and ME! – Doug Hunter* – CSU – Whitfield Center

Several years ago, I was part of an international conference of Christian business leaders for which Dr. Os Guinness was a primary speaker.  His first message focused on his book The Call, which, for many in the room, myself included, had been a personal affirmation of their own c all to business as their platform […]

I Can’t Watch – Sarah Pinson*

This is not an easy life, to be sure. Seeing people as people takes effort, more effort than watching (or not watching) them from afar. It requires a level of care and attention I usually reserve for myself and sometimes for the people closest to me. But as Jesus knew, the only way we can be fully human ourselves is to recognize the humanity in others.


Holy Stirrings – Rev. Stephanie McLeskey* – Mars Hill University

We are already blessed. We are already grace-filled. We are already beloved. May we remember that about ourselves and others, and may our holy stirring glorify God.

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