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“Holy Books and Limitations” By Rev. George M. Rossi M.A. M.Div. BCC

I need something outside of myself and that something is God and God’s word. It is my light and path finder. It helps me to live a joyful, productive life for God. It doesn’t limit me. It empowers me and infuses me with the living Spirit and words that touch my soul and total being.

Will Gender Equality Prevail? – Rev. Dr. Molly T. Marshall*- Triniterian Soundings

Gender equality is at the center of the Gospel, as Jesus so remarkably demonstrates. Even the Apostle Paul offers a vision of “all being one in Christ Jesus.” Dismantling patriarchal structures continues to be a key issue of justice. I invite you to continue this important work.

A Chaplain’s Hope for Furman University* – Rev. Maria Swearingen

My hope for “what’s next” at Furman is that we will intentionally and joyfully choose to be a place that presses into this grand experiment with equal doses of fervor and care.

Approaching Civility in a World Awash in Self – Thomas Crowl*

he civil world looks to the best that grows within us, respects our positive efforts to improve and gives kindness to the lowly animals and our blessed environment that all may grow in peace.

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