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A Gentle Answer – Week Four – FBC – Devotionals for June

As Christians we are called upon, ”To speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show every courtesy to everyone.” Titus 3:2. Peter simplifies our challenge, “Honor everyone.” 1 Peter 2:17.

Doers of the Word – Week Three- FBC – Devotionals for June

“Our Christianity must be visible to others or it is not Christianity at all.”

Be Thankful – FBC – Week Two- Say Something Nice Sunday

My friend is thankful for what he is still able to do. He praises God for his goodness to him.

A Time to Keep Silent – FBC – Week One – Devotionals for June

Creator of the Universe, help me to realize that there are many things too sacred for words.

Candidates rebuff ‘say something nice’ challenge – Bob Allen -Baptists News Global

Carnell said the purpose of Say Something Nice is simple: “On this one day, do not say anything negative about any person, Christian organization or group, and, if possible, say something nice.”

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