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Mayor Summey Issues 2016 Proclamation for Say Something Nice Day

Dr. Carnell complimented Mayor Summey on the outstanding example of public civility that he has demonstrated during a very difficult year.

Presidential Candidates Duck Civility Challenge for Say Something Nice Day/Sunday

Grace keeps us from being easily offended, and in a conversation on a difficult subject, you neither want to give or take offense. Our world has been divided long enough – let’s build relationships that can change it, starting right here.” Rev. Marshall Blalock

How Praying the Lord’s Prayer at St Paul’s Cathedral Changed My Life – Christian Today

Our Father: Discovering Family, is an unfolding of my spiritual journey. The process of reflection and writing it led me to a far richer discovery than I had imagined at the outset.

Religion in Global Affairs – Martin Marty

Some will resent his praise of religion because they see religions by definition opposed to human good. But the majority, if they tune in and are turned on by the secretary of state’s words, can be readied to get back to the sources of their faith, heed the community-building (as opposed to terrorist-feeding) uses of religious mandates and promises, and offer hope for a better future.

Thanks Seniors at James Island Center

Thanks Seniors
Thanks to the wonderful group that attended my talk at the Senior Center on James Island earlier today. It was a wonderful experience. There was even a former student from my teaching days at Charleston Southern. There were so many interesting questions and comments. As always I gained some new insights. I loved the one, “I thought about Our also as in child. I thought I am only one person, why am I praying, “Our Father” and not My Father?” That makes my point beautifully. You also bought lots of books. Thanks again.
The Senior Center is such a wonderful facility and Lisa Zobel had everything ready to go. She produced a flyer for the program better than the one I sent her. We can hardly wait for the center to open in West Ashley.

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