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What Matters To Me: An Address to Women Explore – Dr. Tom McKibbens

“What have you learned from this experience?” The first thing out of my mouth was this: “I have learned what is important.”

Those we love, family, friends who care, people who pray for you and write cards and offer words of encouragement. Little things like this matter.

THE TOP TEN WORDS – A Communion Meditation by Thomas R. McKibbens

And what is home? Ah, you know what home is! Home is any place that lives out the grace of God and accepts you just the way you are. Home is the place where you can make mistakes and still be loved. Home is the place where you can break every commandment in the book and still be forgiven. Home is the place where, as Robert Frost famously said, “they have to take you in.”


Saints Are People Who Belong Entirely to God – Catholic News Service

“How many good people have we met in our lives; how often do we exclaim: ‘this person is a saint!’… These are the saints who live next door, not the ones who are canonized, but the ones who live with us” he said.


Small Talk Isn’t Small

It is all small talk. Speak to people when you have the opportunity. You may be their only contact today. Don’t miss the opportunity. You would be amazed at what a difference a friendly hello can make.

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