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First Baptist Church Responds to Tragedy

he program directed by Emory Hyatt, Minister to Children, has been a great success. These are the types of programs that make a real contribution to the lives of young children.

Words Are Never Just Words

Think about these words being used to portray your wife, husband, daughter or son. Would you still laugh or applaud? What if your daughter’s teacher sent a note home with the following message? “Dear parent, your daughter is an idiot.” Did I hear you applaud? I think not.

Dialogue Requires Respect and Hard Work

There are no easy answers. We must learn to talk with each other not at each other. We must learn how to listen to what we do not want to hear and to what we do not agree with. This is hard work. It is much easier to get angry and to resort to violence. The next victim of collateral damage may be someone you care about.

Communication as Ministry

The ability to communicate is a gift. We can bless others by the way we use our gift to heal, to build-up and not to harm. Conversely we can use our gift to tear down, to harm, and to destroy relationships.

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