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Looking Forward with Faith by Barrett Owen – BaptistNewsGlobal

A church that leaves room for mystery, that teaches the “holy other” nature of God, is a church willing to look forward with faith. They can let go of the fear that says all of life’s questions are answerable. They can let go of the lie that says everything we need to know is only written in the pages of scripture. It can, rather, open its worship, its theology, its doors to a world that is hungry for mystery and transcendence.

No one knows how to argue anymore – BaptistNewsGlobal – By John Chandler

The real loss in this is, of course, you never actually hear out your opponent and thus you forfeit the opportunity to grow, or to help them grow. The real losses are of public civility and human empathy, and a creeping feebleness of thought.

Created To Give – FBC: Regeneration Prayer Devotional Guide

Whatever gifts God invested in each of us are intended to be used for the betterment of all.

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