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Black Church Leaders: Civility in America at ‘All-Time Low’

WASHINGTON — A prominent black church leader believes that the level of civil discourse in our country regarding politics and faith is at an “all-time low.”

Sunday at the Unitarian Church of Charleston

Sometimes the hurt comes from not speaking.

Season of Civility Promoted by Clergy

“As a Christian, I am saddened to see how often and how easily politics becomes equated with the Gospel — the belief that one party or another has a monopoly on representing the Christian perspective,” he said. “It does great harm to our credibility and our community.”

New Guide to Tame the Toxic Workplace Available

Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter @ Work, provides a method for dealing with the ever more threatening workplace. It gives a pattern for co-workers to use in creating a friendlier, safer, more accepting work environment

We Can Change Our Workplace

You have more influence than you know. You have more power than you might think. Take charge of the environments where you work and live.

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