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Commentary: A Solution for Bullying by Don Kirkland

If words springing from hearts yearning to please God were spoken in our homes each day, and if our deeds were consistent with our words, then our children and grandchildren would head out for school every morning with more than a heavy backpack filled with books; they would also carry with them the Christlike love and kindness modeled by their parents and grandparents to be shared with their classmates, even the bullies among them.

Celebrate Christian Communication

As bullying has escalated in all walks of life including some churches, the imperative to be more Christ-like in our speech takes on even greater significance.

Random Acts of Kindness – 106

“Seek first to understand.”

Random Acts of Kindness – 105

The search for wisdom never ends. It is the journey that counts.

Random Acts of Kindness – 104

Diversity is more than race and ethnic background. Those are the easy ones.

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