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This Resolution Can Reduce Your Stress Next Year

Bitterness is a terrible taskmaster. It will suck all of your goodness into a dark hole.

Bonhoeffer Author Metaxas at First Baptist Charleston

Eric Metaxas is the featured speaker for the John A. Hamrick Lectureship at First Baptist Church of Charleston at 5p.m. on Sunday, January 15 and Monday morning January 16, at 10a.m.

Thankful Thursday – The Rev. Phillip Bryant

He has a creative mind that absorbs the meaning of every encounter. He is a genius at putting the right people together. Phil Bryant is an encourager.

Walking the Path of Angels – Guest Post

Many fear that there is no good left in the world and cry out to the 1% to share their largess. A better question is what have we done this day to improve the world around us, to nurture the souls of the disadvantaged and to lead in the special work God has set before us?

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